❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 208

❀ Sofa and Table : Aphrodite "Summer Dreams" Set (PG, Copy) @ Cosmopolitan Event 
(139 animations/ 10 props / Textura changer /available in adult version and PG)

❀ Drinks : Aphrodite summer drinks tray @ Cosmopolitan Event
(Animated drinks tray / dispenses 4 different summer drinks )

❀ Tent :  Aphrodite "Gypsy Couple Tent" (PG) @TRES CHIC VENUE
("the gypsies tent" in PG & Adults version, amazing sweet and tender animations and dances, only the highest quality animations on a color explosion of originality for the nicest hangout! )

❀ Lanterns : Aphrodite party lanterns for hanging & table @TRES CHIC VENUE
(the most beautiful lights, lanterns and jar decorations ever created in SL now on Sale! Beautiful, colorful and full of life to decorate any space you may have. Sold individually or with a big discount as fat pack)

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